02 December 2013

trying something new

This Comme des Garcons skirt is from the 2005 collections, I think. It's one of the pieces I bought that day I mentioned in my last post. Normally I would never wear white -- I own about like, 4 white things that aren't t-shirts -- but I figured it was both too good to pass up and a good challenge. It falls at an awkward length and it is utterly shapeless to the body on me... and I love it for those exact reasons. I don't know how it can be so difficult to wear yet also so romantic and soft, it's why it drew me in. 

The tuxedo jacket I'm wearing with it is my dad's from his prom. He gave me black and white tails a few years ago, the black tailcoat was too beaten up and huge on me but I couldn't bear to let go of the white jacket.  I usually only wear it in my underwear and watch Tilda Swinton movies in it. But this jacket was the most natural thing I could think of to go with this skirt... no shirt. I don't own enough of the right shade of cream and I can't bear to break the color scheme up to distract from the skirt. This is my version of the power suit. Now if only I was like eight inches taller and liked wearing heels. Then everyone would be in trouble. #iconicexecutivelooks 

For a more SFW look, my friend Emily noted it'd look good with a knit so I pulled out this one I stole from my mom. I think she knit it herself. 

When I wear this skirt I feel like Eva in this scene. The Dreamers forever. 

In any case, I wore the knit+skirt combo to buy onion dip and hang out with my cat.

Just wanted to share a pretty thing I like. I was apprehensive posting some of these because boobs but then I laughed because total autonomy and ownership of my own images and direction and also who cares. I'm trying to grow a little bit at a time. 

See you soon.