26 July 2013

tap dancing elves vs street harassment

Boop! Summer means as little clothing as possible, and in the perfect kind of weather -- no humidity, a slight breeze, cloud covering so I'm not sweating -- I can even wear sleeves. Perfect. Summer is the season of butt cleavage, though with it comes out the creeps. On the way to taking these pictures actually, I had to yell at a dude who wanted to like, hug me? I don't know. He kept on doing that thing where you stop and try to lowkey take a picture, but I knew what he was doing so I just kept on walking behind him and making his life difficult. Dude, I have a headband on, I'm not naked, why are you so interested? It took literally ten minutes for him to go away, I don't know why dudes think I'm ok with them taking my picture without my permission or you know, honestly even breathing the same air as me without my permission. Wait! Yes I do! Patriarchy! Hah. That old thing. I hope one day guys will understand I don't exist to please or appease them, but until then, I'm gonna hollaback

Outfit details: Crafts Store Headband, Vintage Blouse (similar, similar), Nollie High Rise Shorts c/o, Qupid Holographic Flats c/o, OCC Powerplant Lip Tar.


goldnfiber said...

How funny and innocent action is this!!!

Lydia said...

That wall was the perf geometric spot to photograph your outfits. I've been dealing with street harassment for EVER, and for the longest time, I responded with my middle finger and "Fuck you," but then I figured out they just wanted some sort of reaction from me. So now I don't even look at them, don't even acknowledge that they exist. They make me feel low by objectifying me, so I can give them a taste of that by acting like they don't even exist.

OrigamiGirl said...

I generally try and stare out or confront or otherwise make feel uncomfortable guys who harrass but sometimes it comes so out of the blue - like off a train worker the other day- I get all embarrassed and red when I'm not in the right frame of mind to challenge it. I am really impressed thought with things like hollaback and even the phrase 'street harrassment'. A few years ago that wasn't a common term. So y'know, smashing patriarchy a little at a time. :)

Jellyfish said...

Love your style - cool hair too ;)


Neon Papaya said...

Love your green hair and stripes! Super cool.
Love your style+ blog!
New blog in town: The Neon Papaya::


Adele said...

your green hair is totally radical <3 and so is your attitude

cats against cat calls!