26 July 2013

tap dancing elves vs street harassment

Boop! Summer means as little clothing as possible, and in the perfect kind of weather -- no humidity, a slight breeze, cloud covering so I'm not sweating -- I can even wear sleeves. Perfect. Summer is the season of butt cleavage, though with it comes out the creeps. On the way to taking these pictures actually, I had to yell at a dude who wanted to like, hug me? I don't know. He kept on doing that thing where you stop and try to lowkey take a picture, but I knew what he was doing so I just kept on walking behind him and making his life difficult. Dude, I have a headband on, I'm not naked, why are you so interested? It took literally ten minutes for him to go away, I don't know why dudes think I'm ok with them taking my picture without my permission or you know, honestly even breathing the same air as me without my permission. Wait! Yes I do! Patriarchy! Hah. That old thing. I hope one day guys will understand I don't exist to please or appease them, but until then, I'm gonna hollaback

Outfit details: Crafts Store Headband, Vintage Blouse (similar, similar), Nollie High Rise Shorts c/o, Qupid Holographic Flats c/o, OCC Powerplant Lip Tar.