26 June 2013

sasawaturi in the urban jungle

Hi cuties! Long time no see. I wish I could say I've been busy but mostly I've been sitting in the library reading a lot and cooking with my friends. Summer is passing by at a nice pace, in between hopping between New York and New Brunswick I feel both at home and in transit at all times. Sometimes I'm too hard on myself or overanalyze things to the point of utter neurosis but I'm getting better at recognizing it and dealing with it. I try to learn and move and surround myself with Missy Elliot songs and nice lipstick and the color red to give me strength and it works. Red is def my power color, and has been for years. I was never faithful to any one color as a kid and gendered colors like blue or pink or whatever have always weirded me out. You think people grow out of that force fed stuff and then you walk around the Financial District and 95% of all the dudes you see are in blue striped shirts. You won't burst into flames if you wear another color, dude.  

GENDER!!!!! COLOR THEORY!!!! I mean. I have a fascination with the history and associations with all colors, probably the reason I like red so much is it's supposed to be bad or something. Or sexy. I am not a sexy person, I do not ooze sex, but I am endlessly fascinated with the implications of sexuality in clothing and in life in general, I like seeing different kinds represented in film, I like exploring what it means, I like hearing other people's stories about it. Red triggers a lot of interesting things I care about and so I like to carry myself in it as a form of protection and aggression and kindness all at once. Because although I would love to wear head to toe black or white CDG every day and wear in a beautiful pair of painted Margiela tabi's, that shit is expensive (dry cleaning!!) and impractical and I like the ceremony of those clothes for when I feel like I need their strength. For most days, I just wear red and remind myself of Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamomoto's feelings about red. (Red is the new black.)

I'm impressed and unsurprised I brought everything back to my faves. That is true commitment to my cause. Anyway, I hope you're having a nice summer so far. Talk to you soon. I'll be wandering around playing with the imaginary creatures I see in the overgrown weeds of my city. 

The first doodle is by my darling Brandon, the rest are me spending an excessive amount of time on Photoshop.