12 February 2013

Fashion Week Fatigue

BonLook Nomad Chocolate Tortoise Glasses c/o, PacSun Flannel Shirt c/o, Brian Lichtenberg for BITNB Winona Forever T c/o, Elizabeth & James Textiles "Cooper" c/o, Nine West Sneaker Wedges c/o. 
I haven't done in outfit post since L.A and I'm so out of practice I legitimately couldn't even find my camera charger. Oopsy. I don't know, I find documenting my outfits kind of a hassle if Massiel or Kimi aren't with me. People with blogger boyfriends have it way easy. But there's something to be said about documenting myself, it feels kind of ritualistic. I've been blogging for more than five years now, longer than any relationship I've had and longer than friendships, too. It's a big number, a lot of days. I think even if I'm not the most reliable 'personal style blogger' it is still important for me to make make myself visible and to keep track of myself and my changes, however subtle, however gradual. I mean, I don't think I'd be caught dead in this outfit when I started blogging. In fact, I started blogging to get away from my daily uniform of jeans and a band-t because it was getting me into detention in school (I was a freshman in high school at the time, and my school had a dress code I liked to ignore. I've never been a fan of rules, you might have noticed). Fashion didn't mean jeans to me, and I thought more was better, always. I wasn't wrong -- I live and die for super elaborate, wonderfully detailed couture, but there's nothing wrong with jeans and a t-shirt either. Whatever works for you, whatever makes you happy and comfortable in your own skin. Don't let anybody mess with your idea of yourself. I guess what I'm saying is the more things change for me, the more they stay the same in other ways. Basically: jeans forever.

 Hope you are safe and happy and whole. See you.


Ana said...


With tees, yes.

one young thing said...

i think it's brilliant that you're leaving this smack-dab on top of nyfw mayhem. it's so resolved and strong, and while i was feeling bad being sick and not looking at every single piece coming out, i feel better now, because what am i really doing?
i trace back to the jeans and t-shirt to a point as well, and i luxuriate in the lavish at most times now, but your letter to the blogosphere is a wonderful reminder to me to just not take things too seriously.

thank you.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love plaid x camo combination! xx


Amy ♥ said...

I love your outfit! And the whole backdrop is so so cool too :)x

hitchhiked said...

Jeans and a t-shirt get billed as the "basic casual uniform" in Western society but, like anything in fashion, they can be transformed into whatever the wearer wishes them to be. There are countless of variations and ways to wear jeans and a t-shirt and look interesting (or "un-boring") and unique. We can change and remake this supposedly basic outfit and use it to suit our needs. (Or we could just put a random jean-shirt combo on and not think twice, and it would still be great).

Basically: yay for choices.

hitchhiked said...

p.s. Winona Forever <3

Magnet said...

Yep, sometimes I feel like once someone has decided they're going to have a certain style they might end up feeling trapped. Like they can't wear anything that doesn't quite seem to fit in their established aesthetic anymore. But really, at the end of the day, it's just clothes and anything that one wears is all part of their own style, just different strands of it. At least I think so.

Fleur said...

I guess you're right. I started blogging for like four years ago and right now I'm wearing things I would never imagined I would ever wear. I think blogging is not only exploring the internet, but exploring yourself as well. Other blogs inspire me and I love to get new ideas from other persons. I think this outfit you're wearing is still unique, because it's you who is wearing it.
Okay, right now I sound like someone who's thinking too much about the meaning of life :p
Anyway, I really like your blog and mosts of your outfits (especially the ones with skirts and dresses, it suits you well).
I'm a fan!

Ethan Cox said...

you look like a queen sitting there in all that "c/o" stuff haha
idk this picture just is powerful to me because like you said you've been blogging a long time and you've come so far. You look so comfortable sitting there (which is exactly how you said you ought to feel). You look like you've settled into a place that is your own, you look in control, comfortable: queenly.


Sondra Perry said...

Is that the spray booth in the sculpture building at rutgers?

Jaspe H. said...

Agreed. I think that in the whole circus that is Fashion and Life it is most important to stay yourself, whatever that might mean in that moment. Also, yay for comfort and stuff we should be ashamed of. I say rock that jeans girl (in ghetto voice and everything)


nancy john said...

I like fashion because it is so cool and growing

Beautiful Fashion

Brittany Fowler said...

I come to your blog like, every couple of months and scroll back to catch up and it's always like we're having similar thoughts only I'm 2 months after you.

Timmy Zula said...

beautiful photo and good collection.
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