12 May 2012

this feeling is brand new

Sorry I've been M.I.A! I had finals and parties and stuff at school. Now I'm done with the semester so there will be plenty of time to post, at least until I go to Taiwan in July (I will try to blog there too, I want a record of my visit!). I swear it must seem like I wear only Dusen Dusen now....meh, I'd be lying if I said I was doing different, lol. This is the Babydoll dress, which will be on Emerging Thoughts soon enough. I'm wearing a jacket I thrifted from Goodwill some years ago and my friend's flower crown. My sunglasses are vintage and I purchased them the same time I purchased my regular glasses. I think altogether they were $45 or something.

Some of my friends and I went to the state park. They dressed in Lolita and I...didn't bother, because I don't have enough actual Lolita because it's too expensive and I'd rather spend my money on lingerie at the moment, haha. I have to be off to bed early because I'm doing makeup for a shoot tomorrow, so I'll see you soon!