25 December 2011

once again... not dead!!!

I don't feel like blogging about fashion at the moment, I've got other things on my mind like Harry Potter and makeup and how this year has turned out for me. So no fake apologies about not blogging, I don't miss fashion blogging at the moment, the tripods and the self timing and hours of editing....I need to figure out what makes me love fashion blogging again. Because I do love fashion, but I'm very disinterested in advertising my personal style right now mostly because I don't have any right now lol. I've minimized my current wardrobe to like, six pieces, which I suppose I will post about in due time, I need to introduce you all to my favorite items anyway, I think you guys would like that kind of post, right?

Anyway, I dunno. Blogging about my outfits seems a bit stale to me -- outfit posts are just you know, so polished and I'm not interested in being polished at the moment. And I'm not really inspired at the moment re: fashion blogosphere wise, it's all very like, I don't know, typical. The trendy pieces are everywhere and I don't mind that, but it's getting harder to find something I feel a real connection to so I'm going to bury my head into the darkness and try to find something that means something to me again fashion wise. Reacquaint myself with strange designs, read myself Alexander McQueen quotes to sleep. Watch weird films that fuck with my emotions until I feel brittle with the possibilities the world has to offer.  I am in the mood to reinvent myself again, time to move on. Restless as usual. So, yeah, this is another filler post, oh well.. Instead I'll leave you with this tutorial I filmed a little while ago!


Kay. Bye.


Lydia said...

Maybe you don't have to make outfit posts typical. You can make them whatever you want. I don't know, the more I think about fashion blogging, the more I kinda don't care how stale it is and whether people like my blog or what the typical people are doing. I still have fun with it even if no one else in the world cares about my post, and there are still some inspiring people out there to push me along.

Anonymous said...

I never find your outfit posts to be typical. I'm always very inspired, curious to know more and, well...jealous of looks you achieve.

It's understandable that you require time for yourself though, time to explore new things and to learn more about yourself :)

Blogging should never be a chore, especially when it's about sharing who you are with the rest of the world.

Looking forward to your return, hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a happy new year! ^_^

j. said...

Your Dad needs to visit as a guest more often!

The tutorial was great! I hope that you have happy and safe holidays.

Romina C. said...

Wooww I really love the make-up, well-done! Sometimes everyone get to have a moment they want to look for another subject to talk about.

x Romi


Andi said...

I was feeling the same way about the blogosphere becoming stale. I actually just discovered your blog while looking for things that are more interesting than the typical c/o ModCloth fashion blog. Your blog seems like a nice breath of fresh air.

Magnet said...

A lot of blogs are looking very trendy lately. That is for sure. I freaking LOVE your outfits though, just so you know.

Cassandra said...

Hey, you go to my school! You were in a class after mine, and i thought you looked farmiliar. Anyway, for the sake of trying to avoid sounding like a weirdooo, ill shut up now. Lol. Amazing style you have though.

Cassandra said...

Hey, you go to my school! You were in a class after mine, and i thought you looked farmiliar. Anyway, for the sake of trying to avoid sounding like a weirdooo, ill shut up now. Lol. Amazing style you have though.

Cassandra said...

Hey, you go to my school! You were in a class after mine, and i thought you looked farmiliar. Anyway, for the sake of trying to avoid sounding like a weirdooo, ill shut up now. Lol. Amazing style you have though.

everydaybeautiful said...

This is so pretty! Looks great with your skin tone!(:

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