14 April 2010

under.ligne collection preview


Some time ago (I think March 25th? Man, time flies when you're busy! It's crazy.) I was invited to the doo.ri showroom to preview the new under.ligne collection and to mee Doori herself. I love showrooms you guys; getting upclose and personal with the clothes is what I live for. Fancy fashion shows are awesome and I love them but it can get aggravating waiting in line, seat mix ups -- which happen more often than not, but it's understandable and I tip my hat to the ones who run the shows -- and this sentence is completely mangled but the gist is that I really love showrooms and couldn't wait to get my grubby mitts on the clothes. And, you know, meet Doori. Who is adorable. And well spoken. And hosted mother-daughter hair braiding at birthday parties several times in her life (random fact!).


I really liked the clothes; there was something in it for everybody. I particularly liked the printed trenchcoat and purple skirt, and kept on coming back to stare/fondle them. But really, it's a very well done collection; basics have a twist (perhaps a regular t-shirt isn't precisely assymetrical, maybe a trenchcoat has a strange print... you get the idea), and there is enough color and print to satisfy my own strange (read: obnoxious) taste but also if I'm feelin sinister or just New York there are plenty of subversive monochromatic pieces as well.


I think Camille would look dope in any of the black or white tankshirts..... they are callin your name girl.




These three were my favorite pieces from the line and I think the trenchcoat was a blogger favorite; everyone was grabbing a picture of it. It's perfect, isn't it? And surprisingly it's very light.




And oh heyyyy, who's this? ELIZABETH! BLOG BFF 4EVA.Strikin' a pose, what do you know. I wish I had a full length picture of her but we both had to jet within half an hour of meeting. Bummer. I still need her to teach me the ways of the D.I.Y comme jacketblanket. And the hair bow. And well, everything.

 p.s Thank you for inviting me to the showroom doo.ri! It was lovely meeting everyone.


katthroatworld said...

ooh, that jacket is dope. doori sounds so sweet. thanks for sharing~


K.M. said...

what a fantastic trench. and i love your friend's hair!

Kaila P. said...

i have had an unusual curiosity of trenchcoats lately. ever since i saw elizabeth's comme des garcons trench DIY, the clothes horse's eye design trench, and then now your post with this amazing printed trench, i've been nagging at my mom to take me to go buy one at a thrift store so i can experiment with it. she says no though, it's too warm outside for a trenchcoat. meh. if only it was winter again...
doori sounds like a really nice lady.
also, thanks for posting about your life's adventures. I really enjoy reading your style and your blog! :-)

Devon said...

All of those clothes look fabulous! I really like the trench x

Rosanna said...

these pieces are amazing!


♥Mimi said...

ugggh lucky (: sounds like fun. going to showrooms and stuff. and meeting people. and stuff.

great post!

louise or valentine said...

i want want want that dress

JULIA said...

That collection is gorgeous, I love reading your blog! And you are so, so lucky!

MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog thnaks to Lookbook. Very nice!

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Michele said...

Really awesome trench! So cool that you got invited to see the clothes. And Elizabeth is awesome, just started reading her blog, she's just too frikkin funny! xxx

Breitling Replica Watches said...

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サブ said...

I never thought were the type to use the word "dope" lol.

But I agree, these prints are pretty dope.

eva-christa said...

This collection .. !!! WARW love it
La Bise
'ECH from pAris

Times of Delight said...

I really like the jacket in the last picture, prettay prettay nice :)


Jean-Pierre MATTEI whom is just a HUGE FASHION STAR !..... {^_^} ..... said...


If you like men in skirt..Welcome on my blog where i do wear one ! ^^

Have a great day.

Valentina_s said...

great blog my dear!!

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v said...

LUCKY is all i can say... i can only dream of ever going to the doo.ri showroom... and WOW yes the trench is amazing, i can't imagine seeing it in person. there's nothing like holding / touching / feeling the weight of an amazing jacket in your hands (hello balenciaga vest in the vogue closets) .

anyway, i love your blog.

<33, v


vv said...

love ur blog

impotenta said...

This is a great collection :) Good luck in the future :)

Ace said...

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iñaki said...

The shorts and skirts look amazing!


DailyDoseOfAloha said...

fantastic! i love elizabeth's literary word. i'm in full agreement on your picks.


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Michelle said...

There's a dress on the rails which would be great for any fancy dress outfits party or get together.

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