05 September 2011

everything is alright


Sneak peek of my dorm. It's small but colorful and I love it so much, this year has already been better than the last semester. Safe spaces and good people = the most important things ever.


Last night I got bored watching POTC(5? Idk. The newest one with the basic ass mermaid love story and Penelope Cruz.)  so did my nails. I'm not very good at nail art, so I'm actually quite proud of this feeble attempt.


Went back home for an optometrist appointment for a day and found this in my bedroom from Rebecca Minkoff! THE BEST EVER. It will go with everything I wear for fashion week, I'm super excited. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


My college closet. This is as concise as it's ever going to be, and I think a good description of my style. What is a basic? What is neutral? I HAVE NO IDEA.


No outfit post, but a face post....should....suffice idk man.

Anyway I have to go shower and cry over the presidential candidates being horrible people. See you. x 


Eku said...

it think your dorm room looks really lovely. your nails are cute - i like these sparkly edges.

Xtine said...

Ur dorm wall is soo cute! I never bothered to decorate mine! Good job with ur nails! I could never narrow my wardrobe down so I kept going home every weekend when I dormed lol.

Cristina said...

I miss decorating dorm rooms <3 It was always so exciting to see what your space and roommate were going going to be like. I was just discussing with my bf how I miss moving around and entering a new space that I knew would be temporary. All of our belongings are in storage and we don't have a home right now. I LOVE being nomadic. Your closet shot did however remind me that all of my fall and winter clothing is buried in said storage unit, including my vintage dark navy cape with red-orange lining. I will be sad if I don't get to wear it this fall!


Lydia said...

Look at your cute little wall!!! I love the colorful pictures tacked up there.

Coralie said...

Amazing colorful photos !

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Magnet said...

oh dear when I read this blog title, it made me kind of sad because I was in desperation for everything to be 'alright' for the last two weeks. Anyway, I like your wall. It looks nice... I got to decoration a dorm room once, when I was studying in the us for 4 months last year.

Sewon said...

Aw, your nails are so pretty and I love your glasses!

trenuh's reality said...

I like your wall! I hope you can post for photos of your room (:

Hvit said...

Okay, the nails are beautiful (and yes nail art is a killer to do, especially if you're not ambidextrous.) I love your photos. And I totally agree, what IS a basic? Hm...

More love in the form of me praising all pictures. I must be in a good mood today. LOVE. Have a bril time at college.

Kailey said...

Ahh POTC no good? I was tempted to see it because I love mermaids hah xD

I love your nails! I'm quite bad at doing them myself, but you have done a wonderful job!

Also I LOL'd at "but a face post....should....suffice idk man"! XD

SH said...

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Jewellery Channel said...

Simply stylish....

Iridescent Adolescents said...

The dorm, the closet, the nails... it all seems very fitting for you. Best of luck in the semester... and can I join in your sadness about the presidential prospects?

Style Astronaut said...

That is an awesome dorm wall!! I wish my bedroom was a bit more like that!

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Haidée said...

so cool :)





Charlotte said...

Two words for you: Fred Karger. Google.

And school is so exciting! I love my dorm. So cozy and comfortable.

canvas prints said...

Wow what great nails, love them!